What is Feminist Agenda PDX?
Put your time where your politics are!  This site is a directory of feminist activism in Portland, OR and a guide for organizations to volunteer with, a calendar of events to attend, groups and clubs to connect with, organizations to give in-kind donations of used items to, and resources for taking your ideas to create something amazing!

Portland’s feminist communities are full of a lot of great talent.  If we all put our talents to use where they are needed, everyone wins!

What Feminism is to Us
We believe that feminism embodies the movement to eradicate systems of domination that lead to the oppression of marginalized groups of people and the fight for everyone to have equal access to opportunities regardless of their sex, gender, race, class, orientation, size, religion, age, or ability.
We believe the best way to lead this movement is through action, involvement in our communities, and supporting organizations that advocate for these principles.

Who We Are
We are the former Directors of In Other Words Feminist Community Center who have been active in various local organizations including the Portland Feminist Action League, Trans Active, SMYRC, & Hollaback PDX.
Katie currently works for Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. and volunteers with the Pride FoundationOregon Zoo, and Insight Development Group.  Amber currently works for Mercy Corps and volunteers seasonally with the Center for Women in Politics & Policy, the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls, and The Living Room.
We have always wanted to work on a project that helped to facilitate the formation of more tangible feminist communities in which we are able to help, teach, and support one another.

We also have, practically, a TEAM of friends, volunteers, and supporters lending time, space, energy, and sometimes a sympathetic ear.   Meet some of them here!  Check out our projects!

In Solidarity,
Katie + Amber



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