We couldn’t do all this great work without
the help of our friends & supporters. 

Here, meet a few!

Megan Cox
We met Megan through our facebook page and ever since she’s been getting involved left & right (on top of running her own Etsy store with fab photography).  Right now we’re putting Megan’s marketing and design skills to the test with a soon to be published First Edition Feminist Volunteer Guide!

“I’m a feminist because I believe equality can be a reality.”

Rachel Foxhoven
Rachel volunteers with the Insight Development Group facilitating Restorative Justice workshops for incarcerated individuals. Rachel has been continuing this work at Oregon State Correctional Institution for the past four years and will be involved in starting a new restorative justice transformational learning community at Oregon State Penitentiary in Fall 2012. She’s currently leading a new Feminist Agenda project to develop and propose a workshop on Gender Concepts to OSCI and Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

“Being raised by a woman who dubs herself a ‘feisty feminist,’ feminism has simply been a part of the fabric of my life. Thinking back, it was feminism that originally ignited my passion for social justice in all its forms. Being able to collaborate with Feminist Agenda and retouch this side of my passion is a dream come true!”

Dani Fish
Dani manages and teaches music at Portland’s own School of Rock!  When not rocking out, she spends her time spreading the gospel of rock to those young and old alike.

“Equal rights for everyone. I like being involved in the day-to-day work of that struggle. FA is a great outlet for that. And it’s fun too!”

Holly Richmond
Holly was sent to us by the goddess of the twitterverse, and while we’ve never met in person (that we know of!), she graciously edits our newsletter, thereby rescuing the masses from epic proportions of grammar and punctuation blunders.  She’s also, like, a real writer and stuff.  Check her out!

“I’m a longtime feminist, so I was psyched to move to the land of Bitch Media and In Other Words in 2011 and participate in this city’s abundance of feminist happenings. And while Portland is pretty liberal, sexism is still everywhere from the workplace to the bedroom. So I’m glad I can support the radness that is Feminist Agenda PDX in some small way!”

Lisa Kislingbury Anderson
Lisa is a storyteller, an adventure lover and a dress-up queen. She loves conscious communities like Feminist Agenda PDX and aspires to be an eccentric Southern cat lady.

Amber Beyer
Amber is an adventurer, a llama whisperer, and lover of social activism. She proudly supports groups like Feminist Agenda, and is happy to be working with such fabulous ladies!

Meghan Callahan
Meghan enjoys the Golden Girls, playing records, the films of John Waters, radical social change, 60s styles and riot grrl realness. She currently picks up shifts at SMYRC, a place she loves with all her heart, and has formerly worked for YWCA, Planned Parenthood and In Other Words bookstore. She has a BA from PSU in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies but is currently trying to become an occupational therapist. She travels with her partner-in-crime and fellow feminist, Louise “Wheezy” Calahan, who may only be two but has the soul of someone twice her age.

44785_10151374585316149_1941371283_nCamille Mayeaux

1404891_185392811648134_840855047_oMargot Riphagen

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