Artists, Writers, & Performers

Independent Publishing Resource Center
The IPRC’s mission is to facilitate creative expression, identity and community by providing individual access to tools and resources for creating independently published media and artwork. In our twelve years of operation, we’ve provided artistic services to upwards of 23,000 Oregonians through membership, use of the Center, workshops and outreach programs. We’ve empowered thousands of people to create and publish their own artwork, writing, zines, books, websites, comics and graphic novels.

Laughing Horse Books
Laughing Horse Film and Book Collective is an all-volunteer, cooperatively run radical bookstore and resource center. In addition to books, periodicals, buttons, stickers, tapes and other activist tools, we have a lending library, and sponsor events ranging from politics and music to book signings and poetry readings.

Hip Mama
Hip Mama is a worker owned collective publishing a thematic quarterly of the personal stories of radically diverse experiences of parenting to promote solidarity and compassion across all boundaries, resisting the powers of silence. Their mission is to give a voice and platform for mothers to express their parenting choices styles that are otherwise not covered by mothering magazines. They do this through being completely reader written issues. They are pro-choice, queer friendly, single parent supporters and promote tolerance of all lifestyles.

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