Portland Society

The Portland Society is a nonprofit business alliance of professional self-identified women who are passionate about bicycling in Portland, Oregon. They work together to support each other through referral, education, and community. We grow our businesses and careers while making Portland a better place to live and ride.

Bras, Bibles, & Brews

Bring your story, bring your questions and let’s see what it has to do with us as women.  This is a feminist approach to scripture and other spiritual writings. By feminist we mean that we intentionally enter into conversation and relationship affirming and respecting all experiences.  No need to be Christian to come. In fact, we are hoping some of you aren’t. It’s better that way. We all learn more. *All women-identified folks are welcome!*
*Beer is optional. Many snacks and sips available.

Bad Girls

Bad Girls of Portland, Oregon is a social and educational group for women interested in BDSM with other women. They welcome self-identified women over 18 of all sexual orientations who are interested in consensual BDSM with other women.

Center for Women, Politics & Policy

The mission for the Center for Women, Politics & Policy is to increase women’s leadership in public policy through targeted teaching and community service programs. The Center works toward this goal by promoting scholarship that examines the presence and role of women in politics and public policy and by providing diverse and inclusive service programs that will develop the next generation of women leaders who will serve the city, state, region and nation.


Radical Women

Radical Women (RW) is a socialist feminist, grassroots activist organization that provides a radical voice within the feminist movement, a feminist voice within the Left, and trains women to be leaders in the movements for social and economic justice. It has branches in numerous United States cities; and Melbourne, Australia.

Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

YWSE wants to bring women to the highest positions of leadership in business, government, and social and environmental work and to promote young women social entrepreneurs by providing training and development, access to resources, networking opportunities, and general support for our members.

Womens Resource Center – PSU

The WRC at Portland State University isn’t just for students!  On any given month they will have monthly or weekly groups meeting for anything from craft time or game night, to support for women veterans and building community for women of color.


WomenStrength is a program of the Portland Police Bureau.  Since 1979, THEY have provided free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area.  We have taught self-defense skills to approximately 26,000 women and teenage girls, and personal safety workshops to over 75,000 women and men.

The Women for Change Network (WFCN) is a diverse group of over 100 women united to help Children First for Oregon Speak Up for Kids! WFCN offers networking and educational opportunities that empower women like you to become agents of change. Every month, women like you donate $20 – that’s only $5 a week – to belong to WFCN so Children First has the funds to advocate for policies and programs that give Oregon’s kids access to health care and ensure that kids growing up in foster care or in extreme poverty have every opportunity to succeed. Last year, WFCN monthly donations (alone) funded advocacy efforts that resulted in improving the lives of 1,605 kids in foster care, 16,666 low-income families and provided health care to 8,829 kids. Membership renews annually.
When you become a member of Women for Success Portland, you’re making an annual pledge to support a cause you care about. Every associate membership buys bras for six Dress for Success clients, and every executive membership buys bras for 12 Dress for Success clients.

Your tax deductible membership to Women for Success Portland directly support our goal of raising $10,000 to provide 800 Dress for Success Oregon clients with new undergarments.

Of course, there are some perks to membership for you, too. Members of Women for Success:

  • Meet like-minded, professional women through social and volunteer events throughout the year;
  • Connect with other members on Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Get discounted admission to Women for Success Portland events;
  • Are the first to know about ways to support Women for Success Portland and Dress for Success Oregon;
  • Receive recognition on our website; and
  • Have numerous chances to win prizes from our fabulous sponsors!


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