Archive of Awesome Projects

Archive of world (or at least city) changing projects
created by awe-inspiring every-day people

Feminism: The ZinePortland, OR
Almost two years ago, Katie & Amber met an awesome young girl named Annie who came in to In Other Words to interview us for her school history project on feminism.  The result was this amazing zine.  Annie’s history project and zine also inspired her to create a Feminist Club at her school.  Katie and I visited them last year and spoke to the Feminist Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, & Amnesty International Club about how issues of feminism, gay rights, and world issues are all connected.  It was truly one of the most inspiring afternoons of my life and by the end of the year, Annie reported that everyone in the clubs “came-out” as feminists at their last meeting of the school year.  *! (That’s the sound of my heart exploding)

Fat Fancy FashionsPortland, OR
Annie & Carlee were sick of not being able to find cool fashions within the restrictive sizing of boutiques and vintage stores, so about 4 years ago they started holding weekend basement sales at theirs & friend’s houses in NE Portland for used plus-sized clothing.  After about 3 years they had gained enough support, merchandise, and a small business grant and were able to open Fat Fancy in downtown Portland.  It may not be easy, both women still work their regular jobs, but they are living out their dream to bring clothes to the people.

Beauty RedefinedSalt Lake City, UT
Ok, so Beauty Redefined isn’t in Portla!nd, but this project was just too good to not feature.  This project was started by the Kite sisters out of their passion to reclaim the definitions of beauty for everyone.  I first found out about them when I came across their “You Are Beautiful” post-it notes that they mail out for people to leave on public bathroom mirrors.  It only gets better.  Recently, the Kites fundraised enough money to rent 12 billboards in Utah with amazing body positive messages.  Both of these projects are amazing example of how a small idea can help change the world!

Hollaback (worldwide) and Hollaback PDX

Hollaback is an international movement to end street harassment by collecting women and LGBTQ folks’ stories and publishing them on city-specific websites. In their own words “Hollaback! breaks the silence that has perpetuated sexual violence internationally, asserts that any and all gender-based violence is unacceptable, and creates a world where we have an option—and, more importantly—a response.”

Hollaback PDX began when two activists, Joe LeBlanc and Katie Carter, teamed up to start a Portland chapter after having experienced far too much street harassment in their lives.  Hollaback PDX! is part of a grassroots, world-wide effort to empower individuals to speak out against gender-based street harassment and to hollaback to their harassers. It exists as a space for Portlanders, especially women and LGBTQ folks, to share their experiences in order to raise awareness and start conversations about how we can put an end to street harassment.

Hollaback and share your story! Or become part of the hollaback team!

Fly Away Zine Mobile – Many Places, USA

The Fly Away Zine Mobile is one part of a very cool project whose goal is to create a traveling free school. The Zine Mobile is one component of that caravan that spreads homemade zines across the country.  In their words:

“The Fly Away Zine Mobile is a traveling library and mini reading room focused on zines (pronounced “zeens” and meaning self-made, self-published, small circulation magazines) and other forms of DIY publishing. It’s the first piece of a larger project called Connecting the Dots, a traveling free school caravan and circus/carnival/road show that seeks to spread the values of cooperation, love, sharing, generosity, and community-building through free, fun, and active education.”

Be friends with them on facebook and find out when they will be in your city!


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