Project Resources

Browse resources that might be useful to your grassroots project or organization.  *must have tax id number
BBnow is created by Blackbaud, which also creates one of the most comprehensive donor databases, Rasier’s Edge, used by some of the largest non-profits in the U.S.

free website, donor database, & online donation portal into paypal account
4.95% + .30 cents per transaction  *must have tax id number
donor database & online donation portal with 48 hour direct deposit
2.95%-4.5% +. 25-.35 cents per transaction

eBase   *must have tax id number
Completely free, downloaded onto computer
Riseup was created by a collective in Seattle which strives to create an email server that does not make your email accessible to government agencies and does not log your IP address for the most privacy possible.
Email, listserv, & chat that interfaces with corporate chat programs     *our newsletter is managed through MailChimp
Create professional looking campaigns with your own design or use templates of their own.  Create & manage multiple lists with signup forms and timed sending.     *must have tax id number
Sign up for Techsoup is free.  Use this resource to browse for almost any software under the sun and purchase it at deep discounts offered only to nonprofit organizations.    *our website was created with
With some website know-how, is downloadable for free and can create complete and professional looking websites.  Without that website know-how, you can signup for a blog at and use the blog platform to create a website though it will have less flexibility.
Creating a free fundraising project and share it with your networks through email, your website, and social networks.  Once you reach your goal, IndieGogo collects 4% of what you raised.  If you don’t reach your goal, they take a 9% cut.  Some third party fee processors will charge an additional 3% on top of this.          *must have tax id number
Creating a free fundraising project and share it with your networks through email, your website, and social networks.  Crowdrise keeps $1 for every donation under $25 and $2.50 for donations over $25.

A Guide to Getting Sponsors
A downloadable PDF containing a guide for finding potential sponsors, creating a sponsorship plan, and requesting sponsorship.  This document was created by Feminist Agenda pdx by compiling online resources, workshop notes, and personal experience.

6 Steps to Make Your Fundraising Event a Great Success
Pretty self-explanatory- a step-by-step guide to planning a fundraiser!     *must have tax id number
In-Kind Donations Collected, just for you!
Create a free profile for your Non-Profit Organization and then “shop” a virtual warehouse of in-kind donations.  In turn, people with stuff to donate, can find your organization on a list that might be in need of their goods!
An amazing toolkit and website chalk full of resources for recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers for your project or organization.
Free Books Just for Asking
The Ford Family Foundation offers free books, really, just for asking!  Check back regularly to see their current selection, fill out an order form, get a book!  Write a review of the book within 60 days and you are able to order another.  They have books on education, community building, the environment, and non-profit management.

CreativeCares matches up creative professionals with non-profit organizations who are in need of help with advertising, marketing and telling its organization’s story to the public.
Burk led CreativeCares to be named the Best New Nonprofit in Oregon by Portland


Nonprofit Webinars offers free webinars , and archives of all past webinars, that are useful to all aspects of non-profit management as well as small businesses and projects.


Portland Community Promotion Guide
A downloadable PDF containing a guide for promoting your project or event to targeted Portland audiences.  This document was created by Feminist Agenda pdx by compiling online resources, workshop notes, and personal experience.

Community Resource Sharing Guides ONE & TWO
TWO downloadable pdfs created by Southeast Uplift give instructions and resources on creating your own community resource library, as well as guides to existing libraries in Portland!

Video Resources

The Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling
A great free e-book that outlines how to create compelling videos to promote your cause.  These guidelines can be used for non-profits or simply causes and groups wishing to tell a story about a social justice movement they believe it.  Don’t forget to download the worksheet that helps you outline your video: Video Worksheet

Getting Crafty Resources
Silk Screen Printing Using Stencils!
This zine was created by Heather, the author of Hardcore Mermaid the zine especially for The Rock and Roll Camp for GirlsIt tells you how to screen print the easy way without chemicals and light bulbs. 

Organizing & Activism
A Woman’s (or anyone’s!) Toolkit for Local Lobbying – Published by Women’s Budget Group UK

Community Event and Meeting Spaces *This List is Under Construction as of 9.18.12*
In Other Words: Email
Red & Black Cafe: Click Here for Event Booking Information

Liberty Hall: Complete Event Request Form or email
Q Center: Click Here for Rental Guide and booking information
Friends Meeting House: Click Here for online Rental Guide and booking information
First Unitarian Church: Click Here for the Facilities Guide and booking information
June Key Delta House: Click Here for availability and booking information


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