Fat Positive Portland

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Fat Yoga
Fitness is about finding and recognizing our inner strength, balance and flexibility in order to enhance our everyday appreciation of our bodies. Fat Yoga® offers a safe space for all body types to experience fun, irreverent fitness on a deeper level. We cheer ourselves on while testing our limits and pushing our boundaries. What will your yoga story be?

Be Nourished
Be Nourished is a collaboration between nutrition therapist Dana Sturtevant and counselor Hilary Kinavey and other community partners who believe that the capacity and potential to change is within every person. Our passion is helping people explore how an enjoyable relationship with food happens naturally when the focus is more on nurturing the body and mind and less on dieting.

Chunky Dunk
Organizers rent public pools and offer up a focused and intentional space where the natural diversity of human bodies is respected. We know it can be daunting to put on a suit and swim in public. We’re not going to let anything stop us, or you, from enjoying a refreshing summer cool-down! Chunky Dunks are a safer, fun environment to test the waters of your own empowerment and swim, lounge, splash! HOT SUN. COOL WATER. NO SHAME.

Fat Fancy
Fat Fancy is a radical fat fashion boutique located in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Our mission is to bring stylish, reasonably priced, vintage and modern plus size clothing to men, women, and those in between. Come visit our storefront on burgeoning SW Morrison street between 10th and 11th avenues! We are on the max line, near many fun boutiques, delicious restaurants and food carts! Be sure to check our hours because they are unique.

Size Queen Clothing
Shopping can be a pleasure when you can find fat fashion that fits. Size Queen Clothing brings you plus size clothing you can enjoy and treasure! The offerings include party dresses and hot pants, bloomers and skirts in our full range of sizes (XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, 8X).

Check out our these and more body positive resources on our Pinterest Board!

Got something to add?  Let us know!  feministagendapdx@gmail.com


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