Guide to Conscientious Giving

Giving new and used items to organizations is a great way to help them out. They often have limited funds to only buy essentials, so these donations can really be a big help!

But sometimes donated items can be burdensome on organization’s staff if it isn’t something they need or if its broken, because they are then responsible for taking the time to deal with the items. So take a moment to think before donating in-kind items and ask yourself questions like:

1. Does it fit the specifications of what the organization needs? Check their website for a “wish list” or contact them before bringing it in.
2. Is it in good working condition?
3. Is it something that can actually be used? Do they have space for it?
4. Can you transport it there yourself?
5. If buying an item on a wishlist, consider donating the cash instead. They might have access to discounts & can get more bang out of your buck!

It never hurts to check in with an organization before bringing in a donation and it might save you a trip! If that organization can’t use it, look it up under our guide and find another organization that can.

*When donating money, it’s almost always cheaper for the organization if you donate by check.  Credit Card donations accumulate many fees on their way to the charity’s bank account, checks accumulate almost none!  So before succumbing to that easy online donation button, consider mailing your donation in instead (Bonus: with your own stamp)!

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